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Fizzy Juice Eats Through 62lbs Of Stubborn Flab

Tomorrow morning guzzle this fizzy purple juice and set off a fat-melting reaction that tears through more stubborn flab than a whole month on any fad diet.

  • Mark Holler, June 3rd · 3 minute read

  • Guzzling this fizzy juice puts you in a group with the longest-living people on the planet who drink it each morning. 

    The 80 billion-dollar weight-loss industry filed a lawsuit to take the following video off the internet. So click the play button or watch now button to see this controversial video before it’s too late.

    The juice comes from a fat-burning purple weed that flushes out a sinister acid.

    Eliminating this menacing acid fires up your body’s natural fat-burning mechanism while incinerating fat from your belly, hips, butt, and arms.

    Brand new research reveals that this juice is so powerful that it actually targets the clogged fat around your internal organs.

    Fat-free organs free up your metabolism to burn off every last pound. Like when you were a teenager. Meaning you can eat your favorite foods and still burn through fat daily.

    Even more remarkable, it’s proven by doctors to be the best and safest way to “dislodge” clogged fat and flush it out. Freeing up your metabolism, energy, and sex drive, at any age.

    Are you skeptical? I was too. Until I saw the research by ivy league universities in the UK. The reason it’s so powerful comes down to a tiny plant that ruthlessly hunts down and targets every last ounce of fat.

    This powerful purple cocktail drains stubborn fat cells faster than most diet and exercise plans. Because of the astonishing success rate, it’s putting every mainstream solution to shame.

    Robert from Pennsylvania drank this purple cocktail juice each morning and lost 62 lbs. And watched in tears as his 45-yr-old wife Sonya lost 38 lbs and four dress sizes.

    And the good news is, if they can do it. You can, also. You owe it to yourself to join the 67,418 Americans who have now used it to drop anywhere between 10LBs and 91LBs.

    Make sure to click the watch now button. I’m not sure how long this will be available as pressure mounts from industry lawsuits to get this taken down. 

    This really is the most potent fat-melting juice that exists.

    Click the watch now button before it’s too late.

    Science Shows Link Between Pesky Fat-Forming Acid And Weight Gain, But Also Delivers A "Juicy" Solution

    We all know that losing weight is hard. And keeping it off can be even harder. But recent studies from Universities in the UK show amazing promise by targeting a sinister acid and eliminating it's roll in weight gain. Its a factor almost no one is talking about that could be the KEY to unlocking healthy and permanent weight loss.

     This acid gets into the tiny lipid molecules that act as “spacers” between cells in our body. But it also force fat cells to spill into the blood stream where they can cause blockages clogging in other organs. Most notably and recently, it is proven to cause weight gain.

    A study published in the medical journal “PubMed”, titled “Targeting Acid - Metabolism in Obesity” was quoted in their summary as say

    Therefore, modulating acids in metabolism may be a novel, exciting target for preventing and/or treating obesity-related diseases.

    Mark Holler · New York

    So clearly - ridding yourself of this toxin inducing acid could go a LONG way in helping make weight loss easier.

    So how exactly can you target and reduce this acid, effectively rendering it ineffective, giving you control of your weight?

    Well, as crazy as it sounds, the answer might be found in JUICE.

    No, not just any juice that you’d pick up from your local grocery store. But a very specific kind of juice from a purple weed that attacks the sinister acid at the cellular level.

    It’s a little-known fact that when you eat or drink something with a high concentration of certain vitamins, minerals and enzymes - it can have profound effects on your metabolism.

    Imagine a juice made with a specific blend of exotic, and hard to get, ingredients like:

    #1 Milk Thistle - known to help protect the liver from damage 

    #2 Citric Pectin - helps improve gut health

    #3 Panax Ginseng - an energy boosting root used for centuries in Traditional Chinese Medicine 

    And more power packed ingredients specifically blended together to attack clogged fat and increase metabolism!

    Conclusion: Watch The Video Presentation?

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    It's A No-Brainer!

    This fizzy purple juice is a unique and delicious way to help your body target these Ceramides that have been shown to cause weight gain, while also enjoying the benefits of increased energy, better skin and a healthier gut.

    Not to mention, it actually tastes WAY better than the other dehydrated juices because the manufacturers added natural flavor ingredients like Hibiscus, Strawberry Extract, and Açaí. 

    If you're looking for a delicious and nutritious way to help your body target ceramides that have been shown to cause weight gain, then the information in this video is definitely worth checking out. Not only is it effective, but it’s also tasty! 

    To read more about it, the science behind it and its effectiveness, Visit Here.


    The 80 billion-dollar weight-loss industry filed a lawsuit to take the following video off the internet. So click the blue watch now button to see this controversial video before it’s too late.

    Recent Comments (3)

    Donald Rice · 6 minutes ago

    Very useful information, who knew that the humble apple had so many benefits! its no wonder they say an apple a day, keeps the doctor away!

    Mike Splendid · 35 minutes ago

    This information is amazing. I bought lots of it for my brother.

    James Steelber · 2 minutes ago

    Love this post!

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