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11X Healthier Than Green Tea

The simple 10-sec trick you'll see below turns ANY tea into a fat-burning dream.

  • Mark Holler, June 3rd · 3 minute read

  • Did you know drinking tea creates the potential to electrify your metabolism into a fat-burning furnace?

    Tea can be enhanced so that when you drink it before 10am, it melts pounds of fat at an astonishing rate.

    It turns out ANY tea can trigger fat-burning throughout the day. And this astonishingly powerful fat-burning tea trick is unlike anything you have ever seen before.

    Two critical parts of our metabolism determine if we burn, or store fat. Speed is a vital factor. To learn the second more essential factor, click here to watch the surprising answer.

    For centuries experts have been fascinated by the effects tea can have on our overall health and wellbeing. 75-80% of us have inherited an inefficient metabolism from our genetics.

    Imagine a natural, healthy, simple tea trick that has nothing to do with any diet, superfood, or supplement.

    Are you skeptical? I was too. But then I saw the shocking proof for myself.

    An international fitness, health, and natural remedy expert, John Barban has helped millions turn their metabolism into a fat-burning furnace. Honestly, he's a world-class nutritionist held in the highest regard amongst his millionaire clientele.

    What's more incredible is that this simple tweak to your tea was hidden in the natural world for centuries; try it yourself by watching the following video.

    Bradley Williams, age 56, dissolved 62 lbs with this tweak to his tea. At age 62 from Memphis, Olivia dissolved 39 lbs of fat by turning her daily tea into a super tea! And once I saw the fat melt away for me too, I had to share it with you.

    It has worked so incredibly well that the greedy CEOs in the weight loss industry are scrambling to keep this life-altering breakthrough hidden, to protect their obscene profits.

    And no, this has nothing to do with meds, surgery, or exercise programs, and it works for everyone.

    I urge you to stop everything you're doing and watch a short, free, special video.

    I may be going out on a limb here, but I'd bet your metabolism challenges are about to change.

    Watch the next presentation to see a short, eye-opening video before it's gone.

    Breaking studies show that 75-80% of us have inherited a inefficient metabolism from our genetics

    Instantly override them for the day with this tea trick. We all know that losing weight is hard. And keeping it off can be even harder. But recent studies from Universities in the UK show amazing promise by targeting a sinister acid and eliminating it's roll in weight gain. Its a factor almost no one is talking about that could be the KEY to unlocking healthy and permanent weight loss.

     This acid gets into the tiny lipid molecules that act as “spacers” between cells in our body. But it also force fat cells to spill into the blood stream where they can cause blockages clogging in other organs. Most notably and recently, it is proven to cause weight gain.

    Latest studies prove you can instantly turn ANY tea...

    Hot or Cold...

    Into a Fat-Incinerating... 


    Teeth Whitening...


    Therefore, EGCG - and other natural nutrients combined perfectly with tea create the most incredible fat burning , metabolism boosting , drink on the planet.

    Mark Holler · New York

    So clearly - this unprecedented revolutionary breakthrough has limitless fat burning potential.

    Discover how EGCG - and other natural nutrients combined perfectly with tea to create the most incredible fat burning metabolism boost, giving you control of your weight?

    It can be just about any tea that you’d pick up from your local grocery store. Tea is the one thing on this entire planet that improves the speed and efficiency of our metabolism.

    It’s a little-known fact that when you eat or drink something with a high concentration of certain vitamins, minerals and enzymes - it can have profound effects on your metabolism.

    Now you can naturally amplify the most adored and widely consumed drink on the planet into a super tea.

    Imagine your tea mixed with a synergistic complex made with a specific blend of exotic, and hard to get, ingredients like:

    #1 Milk Thistle - known to help protect the liver from damage 

    #2 Citric Pectin - helps improve gut health

    #3 Panax Ginseng - an energy boosting root used for centuries in Traditional Chinese Medicine 

    And more power packed ingredients specifically blended together to attack clogged fat and increase metabolism!

    Conclusion: Watch The Video Presentation?

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    Ease Of Use
    Increased Metabolism
    Value For Money

    It's A No-Brainer!

    This health enhancing formula is a unique and delicious way to help you increase tea's natural potential and attack weight gain, while also enjoying the benefits of increased energy, better skin and a healthier gut.

    Not to mention, it it doesn't affect the taste of tea AT ALL. 

    If you're looking for a delicious and nutritious way to help your bodies fat burning potential, then the information in this video is definitely worth checking out. Not only is it effective, but it’s also tasty! 

    To read more about it, the science behind it and its effectiveness, Visit Here.


    The 80 billion-dollar weight-loss industry filed a lawsuit to take the following video off the internet. So click the green watch now button to see this controversial video before it’s too late.

    Recent Comments (3)

    Donald Rice · 6 minutes ago

    Very useful information, who knew that the humble apple had so many benefits! its no wonder they say an apple a day, keeps the doctor away!

    Mike Splendid · 35 minutes ago

    This information is amazing. I bought lots of it for my brother.

    James Steelber · 2 minutes ago

    Love this post!

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